Double Slider Technique for Paper Crafting

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Hi Crafter’s,

I have had such a busy weekend.  Don’t you just hate when your weekend just flies by!  Fortunately for me I do not work on Mondays.  That is the beauty of being a Barber, our weekend is Sunday and Monday.  However, that makes Tuesday not so fun!

Anyway, we had a wedding shower this weekend.  Not for my son this time, I helped in hosting a shower for my cousin who will be marrying in September.  I will making her flowers and I plan to share that process with you guys!  We will make corsages, boutineers and even some wreaths for the wedding.  I hope you will enjoy that process.

For today, I have not shared this mini album on the blog but I wanted to share this technique I did in the book for today’s video.  It is the double slider technique and it has always intimidated me so I attempted to make it anyway.  It works!  I love how it looks in the mini album so I thought I would share this one with you today.

If you haven’t seen the mini album from start to finish, click here to be taken to a playlist with all of the videos from the beginning.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and can use it in your paper crafting.

Maymay Siggy

Home Made Greeting Card Making 101

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Hi Crafters,

In today’s video I hope to shed some light on card making.  This video is the 3rd in a 12 part series I am doing with Jane of VelocityVette08.  For a printable schedule of videos in calendar form click here.

You can watch the current videos on the playlist found here.

I am going to show you the very basics of getting your cards made quickly and easily.  In this video we will cover the following topics:


*Cutting your own bases vs pre made

*Card Sizes

*Cutting Cards



*Decor (touch on)

*Postage (touch on)

This video does not cover decorating cards completely, I only touch on that subject.  I know that the future videos that are scheduled for the rest of this month and part of August will help you with decorating.  So in order to keep it simple, we simply focus on card making.

When I first started making cards the measurements were the hardest part for me to understand.  I hope that my explanation will clear that up for you.

As always, I will link below to the products I used in the video.  I will link everything I can find and if I can’t find an exact match I will find something suitable and link that for you.

Don’t forget about the giveaway that goes along with this series and be sure to check out Jane’s channel on Thursday for “The Basics of Paint 101.”

Maymay Siggy

Wedding Invitations using Doilies

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Hi Crafters,

I am taking a one day break from the mini album to share with you Jared’s wedding invitations.  I had the pleasure of making them and with the help of a large assembly line of friends and family we got them all made in one night!

Jared’s fiance Samantha found the look of the invitation she liked online and we modified it to fit her theme.  We used black card stock for the bases and black shimmery doilies for the closure on top.  She is using gingham in her wedding so we topped it off with a cute little gingham bow.

Links below to items you might need if you wanted make these for yourself.  As always, I have linked items that are as close to the original items as possible.  Some may not be available anymore so I have tried to find an alternative.

I hope you enjoy!







The Basics of Die Cutting 101

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Hi Crafters’

Well, Jane has outdone herself on this one.  This video is part two in our series “The Basics Of…”  I learned so much from Jane about die cutting.  What I learned most is that I want to go to Jane’s craft room and play!  Maybe we need a play date!

I wanted to take some of the items that Jane talked about and provide you guys with links to them if you needed to find them online.  I may not can find all of the products but if I can find it I will link it.

Let’s look at what she taught us…

First let’s cover some term definitions:


Die: A metal shape used to cut out paper, chip board or even fabric.

Die Cutting Machine:  A hand cranked or powered machine that applies pressure to dies causing them to cut through inserted materials.


Platform:  This is a thick, usually plastic or acrylic, plate that is sized to fit into die cutting machines.  It is the part of the sandwich that the die actually rests on for cutting.  The platform is used in the “sandwich” configuration to create just the right thickness to allow the die to cut.

Cutting Plates:  These are typically made from clear acrylic and are used to “sandwich” the die and paper as they pass through the die cutting machine.  Plates allow for the die to press against them and create the cutting action on the paper.  Typical die machines require two cutting plates, one platform and the die and paper to cut.

Sandwich:  This one has many definitions but in our case it is simply the technique used to apply the pressure to the die to make them cut.  You use your platform and cutting plates to “sandwich” the die and make the cut.  The recipe of the sandwich varies depending on the type of die you are cutting.

Tan Mat or Embossing Mat:  This mat is a soft rubbery style shim that is placed in the die cut sandwich when you only want to emboss the die and not cut all the way through the paper.  This mat is a great way to extend the uses of your dies.

Shim:  shims can be anything that is used to add more pressure to the sandwich when running it through the die cut machine.  Some machines are calibrated at different thicknesses and you will need to add a little extra layer to get good pressure.  This can be anything from paper to cardstock.  Even old craft product packaging can be saved and used for this.

There are basically two different types of dies.  They are wafer thin and steel rule.

Now let’s discuss types of dies:

Steel Rule: these dies are made using embedded steel rule blades that when pressed through your die cutting machine the blades will cut your product.  These dies are very versatile, they will cut paper, fabric, thin plastics and even chipboard.

Wafer Thin:  These dies are thin steel shapes that can cut very intricate designs.  They are created by using a chemical process that removes the unwanted portions of the metal leaving the pattern in the metal to cut from.  Because they are so thin they cannot cut as thick of materials as steel rule dies.

And finally machines, there are many on the market.  I personally use a Cuttlebug from ProvoCraft.  I do find that I have to use a shim with it most times.  Sizzix makes one known as the The Big Shot and The Big Kick.  Then there is the powered machine made by Sizzix with Tim Holtz.  Jane shows you that one in her video.  There are many other machines out there, some are even made for commercial use and can get quite large.  A quick Google search will pop up many options.

I really hope the video helps you to be a die cutting expert.  Jane really knows what she is talking about and I so proud of well she did.

Don’t forget about the giveaway, collect those secret letters to put the word in your comment on the last video and you will be entered to win!  Oh and please don’t forget to subscribe to our channels!

Click here for the calendar for our Basics of series.






The Basics of Cutting Tools 101

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Hi Crafters,

This video is the first in a series that I am doing with VelocityVette08 or Jane as most of you know her.  In this video I talk all things cutting tools.  I hope this is helpful for you!

Before I jump into to it, don’t forget we have a give away going on this video as well.  Remember to collect the secret letters from each of the videos and the secret symbol from the last video, then enter the word and symbol in the comments on the last video.  To win, you must comment with the word and symbol and be subscribed to both our channels.  There are four prizes to be given away:

First prize is a $30 gift card, second is a Burlap Gift Pack from Springs Creative, Third is three stamp sets of the winner’s choice from Maymay and my M’pressions stamp line and the fourth is an Acrylic Gift Pack from Jamie at Punch Place Plus.  Please visit her site for some really cool products!

Cutting Tools 101…Here we go!

The first cutting tool I want to mention is your basic, all purpose scissors.  These scissors are inexpensive and used for anything and everything.  They are not intended to last very long and you will probably have to replace them often.  Even so, you need a good pair of “junk” scissors so that your good scissors won’t turn into junk!

These are what mine look like, they are made by Scotch.  For links to the products, click the photos.  If I am able to find a link I will link it.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 6.09.12 PM

I love a good pair of industrial scissors as well.  I can use these scissors for everything from burlap to pruning my Crape Myrtles!  I really like that these scissors can come apart to clean them.  These are made by Fiskars and they were worth every penny.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 6.09.52 PM

I strongly suggest that you invest in a pair of scissors that are strictly for fabric.  Even if you don’t use fabric in your crafting, you will need something to cut ribbon with and it needs to be a very sharp set of scissors.  If you are looking for good fabric scissors, these Fiskars are great.  They have a flat base that allows you to cut smoothly around pattern pieces without the bump on the handle most scissors have.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 6.10.36 PM

Pinking shears are very much like your fabric scissors.  They need to be used specifically for your fabric crafts.  If you want pinking shears for paper crafting be sure to have a separate pair for that.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 6.11.02 PM

These decorative edge scissors are made just for paper crafting, if you want something that is fun to play with and makes pretty frilly edges on your work these are great.  I have seen them in very affordable sets at the craft store.  Use a coupon on them and you can really save!

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 6.11.16 PM

These scissors are my fantastic duo!  I love these teflon coated scissor blades.  Nothing sticks, I can use these to cut adhesives and even foam squares.  They are slightly serrated so they are not perfect for paper cutting but they will do a good job on ribbons and small wire.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 6.11.40 PM

I love these little guys.  They are sharp and perfect for precision cutting.  I got these from CTMH but you can use the Cutter Bee’s instead.  They are just as good.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 6.12.02 PM

Oh, the craft knife, I remember seeing these on Carol Duval!  When I got my first blade I thought I was a true crafter.  Now I could cut out anything!  I love using my craft knife on lots of projects.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 6.12.30 PM

And now to the most talk about cutting tools out there, electronic cutters.  I love my Cricut Expression.  It is the only electronic cutter I have ever had.  I do want to try the Brother Scan and Cut, I think I will get that one next time.  For now, I will use my Expression and love it!  I linked several videos in the description box of the YouTube video above showing other electronic cutting machines for you to see.


Be sure to watch the video for a more in depth discussion on cutting tools.  Thanks for coming along with us on this Basics journey.  To follow along feel free to print the calendars below.

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 7.40.41 AM









Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 7.40.16 AM












Purchases made from links on this page may result in me receiving a commission for a sale of an item.

The Basics Of…Collaboration with Jane at VelocityVette09

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Hey Crafters,

Are you ready for this?  I am, this has to be my dream collaboration!  I am simply thrilled to be working with Jane to bring you 12 awesome (or at least her 6 will be awesome!) tutorials that touch on the basics of crafting/art.

We will upload two videos a week, each covering the basics of a different topic.  I have listed them below:

July 1st – Amy -  The Basics of Cutting Tools 101
July 3rd – Jane – The Basics of Die Cutting 101
July 8th – Amy – The Basics of Card Making 101
July 10th – Jane – The Basics of Paints 101
July 15th – Amy – The Basics of Adhesives 101
July 17th – Jane – The Basics of Heat Embossing 101
July 22nd – Amy – The Basics of Punches 101
July 24th – Jane – The Basics of Art Mediums 101
July 29th – Amy – The Basics of Paper 101
July 31st – Jane – The Basics of Embossing 101
August 5th – Amy – The Basics of Stamping 101
August 7th – Jane – The Basics of Sprays 101
I will also have photos of our calendar in this post.  You can click on them and save them to your computer or just print them for future reference.  They will not be downloadable.
During our Basics Of series, we will be doing a giveaway.  We have some awesome prizes to give.
$30 gift card
5 packages of Springs Creative self adhesive burlap die cuts
3 sets of Maymay Made It stamps (winners choice)
An acrylic product prize valued at $15
To play along you will need to collect a secret letter from each video.  We will give out a letter at some point in each video, we will make it clear that this is the secret letter.  The letters will be given out in order and will spell a word.  On the last video you will collect a symbol.  Then, in the comments of the last video you will type the word for all to see that you have collected each letter.
The only other requirement for the giveaway is that you are subscribed to both mine and Jane’s YouTube channels.
We are beyond excited to do this collaboration.  Our desire is that you learn from these videos, not everything will be new to you but hopefully something we share will spark your creativity to new heights!
Thanks for watching, reading and commenting.  We love you guys and truly hope you enjoy this series.
Link to Jane’s Channel:  click here
Jane’s Introduction Video:  click here
Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 7.40.41 AM
Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 7.40.16 AM

Mass Produced Cards in a Snap!

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thank you thumb Hi Crafters, I love to make cards quick and easy. My favorite mass producing tip is to let the paper do the work.  When you have paper that is so pretty you don’t need to add anything extra to the card. photo_1(9)

Paper manufacturers have really stepped it up lately with designer papers, I remember when geometric patterns, flowers and a few simple holiday designs were all you could find on paper.  Now days, you can get paper specific to everything and when it’s perfect for your sentiment, why not use it.

Check out this tutorial and see how easy it is to take 10 minutes and get three cards to say thanks to those you love.

I was only able to find a link to the 4.5 x 6.5 paper stack…

ThermoMorph Review

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thermoHi Crafters,

I was contacted by the folks at ThermoMorph and asked to review the product for them. I brought my boys in on the act and we had a great time!

The video below show you just how we used it and what we thought of the product.

To purchase ThermoMorph click here.

*the links in this post are affiliate links.  Should you purchase ThermoMorph using these links I may be compensated.   





Burlap And Flannel Spring Wreath

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photo_5(3)Hi Crafters!

I am so in love with the spring decorations I am seeing all over the place!  I was in Cracker Barrel the other night and I saw that they had a burlap banner that said spring and it was so cute.  That banner really inspired this wreath.


Along the lines of “using what you got in your stash” I went to work looking around my craft room for supplies.  The only thing I had to purchase specifically for this wreath was the wreath form itself.  The rest was all stashed in my supplies.  I love using what I have, it makes me feel so good about my stash and I love not having to spend more money to get a cool wreath for my home.photo_2(20)

Anyway, here is the video tutorial of how to make it yourself.  There is also a challenge in this video, I hope you take the plunge and try it out for yourself!


Love Y’all,


St. Patty’s Day Door Decor

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Looking for a quick, simple and cheap door decor for St. Patty’s Day?  This is the answer.  All you need is two dollar store place mats in green and some stuffing!  Really, just very few products are needed to pull this off.


This video will show you step by step how I created it.  Let me know what you think…


Love Y’all,


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